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No. 47
November 9th, 2007

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Is Google Getting Better at Crawling Flash?

I recently updated a Flash portfolio for one of my clients, a local photographer. Now, before all my SEO buddies jump all over me for building a website entirely done in Flash, keep in mind that I advised the client of the advantages and disadvantages of Flash vs. HTML in advance of development and let her make the decision about what was best for her business.

On a whim, I decided to check out her link popularity and search results before the update. What I saw was more than a little surprising:


The main result met my expectation as the Title Tag and Meta Description from my client’s homepage.

But look at the indented result – Google not only was able to CRAWL the text but found it valuable enough to include in a SERP.

Does this mean we should convert all of our static HTML sites to “beautiful,” dynamic Flash? Absolutely not. But it does signal that Google is still working to index all content on the web, regardless of what format it’s in.