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No. 19
July 17th, 2007

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Google Announces Search for Small Businesses

Google announced today that it is offering a search mechanism for small business websites. For $100 a year, Google will allow you to customize a search engine that displays only pages from your site. It had previously offered this service for free via its ‘Custom Search Engine’ product. But of course this ‘free’ service was in exchange for showing ads alongside the search results, meaning competitors had the chance to appear on those pages.

Now, for $100 a year, and with a relatively simple sign-up process, you can integrate your own search mechanism that serves Google’s results without any ads. This seems like a no-brainer for e-commerce sites, as well as professional groups with multiple service offerings (such as lawyers, realtors, etc), to allow visitors to access exactly what they’re looking for in as few steps as possible.