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No. 53
December 10th, 2007

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Top Social Media Marketing Takeaways – PubCon 2007

Rand Fishkin:

  • Rand brought up a huge list of social media sites that are ripe for picking traffic from. Some I’d heard of, some I hadn’t (Care2, Deviant Art, and QoolSqool). There are also a lot of great sites where you can get your design featured, including CSSBeauty, CSSVault, and the Adobe Showcase.
  • The time spent on a successful linkbait campaign is entirely dependent on the particular content. Anywhere from 1 day to 60 days. The real work is done in developing relationships and building a power account.
  • For B2B linkbait, leverage your own data. Start with a wide net of ideas and narrow them just enough to make them palatable to your actual customers but still interesting enough to make it onto Digg.

Michael Gray:

  • Tailor linkbait to each individual site. Don’t submit the same thing to Digg that you would to sk-rt.
  • By building up a name on these social sites, you can build up a traffic audience that is not dependent on search engines.
  • Consistent success leads to a natural, long-term link imprint, with a wider distribution of anchor text and links into deep sections of your website.
  • Use eye-catching titles, and images above the fold (particularly for StumbleUpon). Make your content short, easy to read, and easily scannable.
  • Always give people another place to go on your site (don’t make a dead-end) once they’ve clicked through.
  • Solve someone’s problems when brainstorming ideas for linkbait.
  • Use buttons and widgets to encourage voting (without going overboard); minimize the ads on those pages, at least temporarily – the incoming links you’ll get are far more valuable than a few AdSense clicks.

Neil Patel: The Dark Side of SMM

  • To game Digg, check out
  • Get involved in social media rings:
    • the bigger the better
    • join multiple rings
    • don’t vote right away
    • don’t vote on everything
  • It’s critical that your rings aren’t easily detected by either Google OR the social sites themselves, so when you’re emailing or IM’ing links, use hxxp:// instead of http:// to make people copy-and-paste URL so that it looks like a direct referral.
  • Often you can use iFrames to embed certain forced actions that users unknowingly complete when they visit your site.
  • Attracting power users—that power is for sale; you can also vote and comment on their stories immediately as they submit them to get noticed.

Cameron Olthuis:

  • Seeding and promoting are incredibly important – many times, stories are submitted twice, but the one with the proper title and proper category is the one that makes the front page.
  • Your server HAS to stay up during the crush of traffic. Use remote image hosting, remote video hosting, make a static page with no database call to cut down on file sizes and bandwidth. Or get Google to host your page temporarily in an iFrame. It’s absolutely critical that your server withstands the first hour of hits in particular.

Chris Winfield:

  • When thinking about monetizing Social Media, it’s important to remember that you get buyers not from the initial onslaught of Digg visitors, but from the trickle-down effect that occurs when the Digg story gets picked up by traditional media and the inbound link count to your site increases.