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No. 107
July 6th, 2008


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Quality Service in Abundance Among Portland Photographers

I’ve said on this blog before that customer service is one of the most effective marketing strategies that a small business can use.

Well, here’s some more proof.

The story: I needed to get a headshot taken for an upcoming event ASAP (more on this will be announced tomorrow 😉 ).  So, I figured, what the heck–I’d do some proof-of-concept testing and look entirely for my photographer in the Local search engines.  I searched using both Yahoo Local and Google Maps, and after about 20 minutes had settled on a couple of independent photography studios within a 10-minute walk of my home office.  Actually, as it turned out, one of them was literally right next door!

So anyway, I figured that I would send both of them an email inquiring about their services and whichever one responded affirmatively by the end of the day, I’d give them my business.

Here’s the problem: both “contestants” responded in less than 15 minutes (!).

In the end, I went to “the guy next door” (more on that shortly) and felt just AWFUL that I had to turn down someone whom I’d been so impressed with.

Maybe I shouldn’t be blown away by that kind of response, but in this world of auto-responses and “press one for English, para espanol, oprima el dos” it surely was refreshing to get an original email from a real human SO quickly.

More about “the contestants”

First, the runner-up:

Holland Studios is a portrait and wedding photography studio in Portland, Oregon.  From their website: “With a passion and talent for creating striking art. Let the team of Holland Studios capture your wedding day with a flair and style unique to our studio. With a range of prices to suit the most discerning couple, let us immerse ourselves in your story so that we might help you share it with all.”

Contact them directly at:
Holland Studios
1321 NW 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 238-5957

And the winner:

Michael Jones is primarily a Portland, Oregon Commercial Photographer who does some portrait work on request.  He’s an award-winning photographer who has done work for Nike and Taylor Made Golf, among other clients, and was actually shooting the new Burner Driver when I first met him, so naturally I knew I’d found the right guy immediately.  Here’s the result of our quick and painless shoot that I’ll be using for my upcoming event:

Contact Michael Jones directly at:
Michael Jones: Commercial Photographer | Portland, OR
1937 NW Quimby St
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 274-2666

  • Nice picture!

    I have mine scheduled for Wednesday with a client of mine:Jessica Johanningmeier: New Orleans Wedding Photographer

    I’m hoping she can make me look as slim as you 🙂


  • Will, I think you mean “I’m hoping she can make me look as slim as your photographer made you look” 🙂 I have put on a few lb’s since SES San Jose — getting to the gym has been tough thanks to (knock on wood) some great business in the last few months!