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No. 649
August 16th, 2010

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Who Is Choosing the Graphics for Supermedia?

I suggest they may want to reconsider this one…

…um, guys?  If you are going to GROW my business, why are you showing someone CUTTING the lawn?!

  • But they grew the lawn… :.)

  • Definitely NOT an image I’d use, especially while many are “cutting” budgets. Why not use an image of a sprouting seed, flower or maybe just a grassy field with tall grass. Maybe a money bag bursting at the seams?

  • Wow. I guess at least it wasn’t a picture of a marijuana plant with a caption saying “supermedia can get you super high results”.

  • My first thought when I saw the picture was Edna from the Incredibles…..’NO CAPES!’

  • haha… that is a pretty bad oversight on their part…

  • Truth is that YOU grow your business and they come and take all the good stuff for themselves.

  • What is this ad teaching our children about safety on the job? Look at this guy’s cape flapping in the breeze. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next few shots in the roll shows it getting caught in the blades and chewing our service pro to bits. What’s next, a super guaranteed electrician sticking a fork in an outlet?

  • Too funny. This deserves a tweet and a few reTweets! lol.

  • This has the feeling of one of those Highest Paid Person in the Room decisions.

  • lol..that’s an inappropriate image to use. It does not represent what they are promising. we do the planting and they’ll do the harvesting. hmmmm….sounds terrible!