Who Is Choosing the Graphics for Supermedia?

MIHMORANDUM NO. 649 | August 16th, 2010Reader Comments (10)

I suggest they may want to reconsider this one…

…um, guys?  If you are going to GROW my business, why are you showing someone CUTTING the lawn?!

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  1. Todd Mintz says at

    But they grew the lawn… :.)

  2. Eric Itzkowitz says at

    Definitely NOT an image I’d use, especially while many are “cutting” budgets. Why not use an image of a sprouting seed, flower or maybe just a grassy field with tall grass. Maybe a money bag bursting at the seams?

  3. Mike Ramsey says at

    Wow. I guess at least it wasn’t a picture of a marijuana plant with a caption saying “supermedia can get you super high results”.

  4. Marie says at

    My first thought when I saw the picture was Edna from the Incredibles…..’NO CAPES!’

  5. Chuck Reynolds says at

    haha… that is a pretty bad oversight on their part…

  6. Tom Gray says at

    Truth is that YOU grow your business and they come and take all the good stuff for themselves.

  7. Andrew Shotland says at

    What is this ad teaching our children about safety on the job? Look at this guy’s cape flapping in the breeze. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next few shots in the roll shows it getting caught in the blades and chewing our service pro to bits. What’s next, a super guaranteed electrician sticking a fork in an outlet?

  8. Mike Stewart says at

    Too funny. This deserves a tweet and a few reTweets! lol.

  9. Scott Clark says at

    This has the feeling of one of those Highest Paid Person in the Room decisions.

  10. jkar says at

    lol..that’s an inappropriate image to use. It does not represent what they are promising. we do the planting and they’ll do the harvesting. hmmmm….sounds terrible!

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