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No. 37
August 28th, 2007


Social Scene Recap – SES San Jose 2007

As my current clients can probably vouch for, I’ve been scarce for the past ten days or so–last week was a whirlwind tour of pubs, pizzerias, and parties. Oh, and a few very entertaining sessions at SES San Jose :).

With all of the truly amazing people in the SEO community, it’s shocking to me that the profession has gotten such a bad rap among traditional advertisers and traditional media. Even the experts in the field are down-to-earth, straight-shooting folks who know how to have a good time! A few bad apples on the fringe of the industry seem to be spoiling the entire bushel…

So, for those who are interested, here’s quick list & a few links to the terrific people I’ve met and/or enjoyed hanging out with again for the past three weeks (in order of appearance):

13 Responses to “Social Scene Recap – SES San Jose 2007”

  1. It was great to meet you at SES as well David!

    Jon Wadley
  2. Hey Jon, looking forward to seeing you again at future conferences.

    David Mihm
  3. Hi David,

    It was great to meet you at SES. I’m humbled to be on your list!

    Your work, and our conversation warrant a strong recommendation. Send any skeptics my way and I’ll tell ’em you’re well worth the time and cost :)

    All the best,

    Will Scott
  4. Did I give the impression that I was a fan of Matt? I need to correct that. I’m terrible with names and wasn’t a big SEOmoz reader until recently, so I didn’t recognize him, all I knew was he had on a He-Man shirt and that rocked beyond belief. :)

    Regardless, it was great meeting you and I’m enjoying all of the recaps. Btw, your blog is pretty.

  5. Hey David, thanks for the mention, it was great to see you again, too. See you at the next one (pubcon?)

    Jon Kelly
  6. Ahhh… the best part of search marketing events – real life social networking. Thanks for the mention and it was definitely great to meet you, look forward to the next time we get to speak in person!

    Kris Keimig
  7. David,
    Thanks for adding me to your list and for the complement. :)
    BTW-Frank’s last name is Watson.

    I agree he’s a good one to add to a “terrific people list”

    Hope you’ll be at PubCon!

    Barbara Boser
  8. Wow, thanks for stopping by, all of you guys! Definitely hoping to make it to PubCon, we’ll see how the next couple of months go, business-wise.

    Incidentally, Barbara, I don’t think that is the same Frank from Australia that I met, but I’m happy to drop him a link also!!

    David Mihm
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  10. It was awseome hanging with you and the rest of the group. I look forward to more of the same in the future as well as some lessons on the tee!

    Forrest Kolb
  11. Yo Yo David,

    What a list – you are a bigger schmoozer than I – you win!


    Lorna Li | Green 2.0

    Lorna Li
  12. Nice anchor text, David! A true SEO you are. 😉

    Rebecca Kelley
  13. Awesome post!


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