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MIHMORANDUM NO. 148 | November 21st, 2008Reader Comments (2)

Fear not, dear readers, ’tis not I in need of employment.

In fact, directly and indirectly because of you (thanks to the links, Twitter exposure, and word-of-mouth so many of you have given me), the last couple of months have brought a flood of new business inquiries, causing me to question the “deep recession” doom-and-gloom I hear on cable news 24/7.

But a colleague on the SEMpdx Board, Scott Orth, has felt the pain of this economic downturn–earlier this week he was laid off by his employer.  I’m sure that Scott will do just fine on his own, if he decides to go that route, but he hints that he is looking for a job, should one arise, in his recent tongue-in-cheek series on the SEMpdx blog: “Search Expert Forced to Live Under Bridge.”  It makes for good, light, weekend reading if you’re up for it.

And if you’re looking for an SEO with 9 years’ experience (you don’t see that every day!) — give Scott a shout.

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  1. Simon says at

    Would he be interested in doing some work for an Australian company. I actually have quite bit of that work. I have two businesses and I am struggling with the local SZEO scene here. 9 days experience and a seminar is about as good as it gets.

  2. David Mihm says at

    Simon, you might email Scott directly — his website is & you can contact him from there.

    Thanks for reading.

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