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No. 39
September 5th, 2007

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My SEO Dream Team

My friend Miriam Ellis from the SEOIgloo tagged me in a chain started by my other friend Rhea Drysdale. I’m honored to be a part of Miriam’s team!!

Here are the rules Rhea laid down when she started this thing:

  1. You can choose up to seven team members, but are not required to have seven.
    Rhea, what’s up with this pathetically small number?! What kind of team has only seven players? How ’bout nine (baseball), 11 (football & the other football), or better still, 15 (rugby). There are just too many great SEOs out there to limit a team to only seven players!
  2. You can simply list member names or assign fictitious positions; the process is entirely up to you, so get creative!
  3. After you’ve listed your team members, please tag three other SEOs.
  4. You need to be tagged before you respond (unless you’re obnoxious).

This exercise reminds me of the original Nintendo hockey game where you had to pick a four-man team composed of some combination of skinny guys, medium guys, and fat guys. It was always hard to know what combination was going to work best for a particular opponent.

In Hockey, I almost always picked two fat guys and two skinny ones, so there’s no doubt I’m leaving someone out on this team that I really need, too, like a usability expert, a PPC guru, or an amazing PHP programmer. But without further ado:

The Mihmorandum SEO Dream Team (in no particular order)

  1. Cameron Olthuis, Stratosphere Strategist.
    I haven’t come across many SEOs who seem to get the big picture of Social Media the way Cameron does. He’s got an incredible knack for not only figuring out the kind of content that will get Dugg, but the content that will attract links with great anchor text, and bring targeted traffic. Plus, he’s got a great eye for design.
  2. Matt McGee, Street-Level Strategist.
    For the purposes of this I’d love it if we could create a hybrid of Matt, Jennifer Laycock, and Miriam & Liam Ellis to brainstorm the best tactics and techniques for long-tail and local search, but with only a limited number of slots on the roster, I’m compelled to pick Matt, who’s one of the original experts in this space.
  3. Greg Boser, Chief Charcoal Consultant.
    Charcoal refers both to the color of Greg’s hat AND his ability to “light the fire” under sites that are just getting started. The rest of our team is pretty vanilla, so we need a guy (or gal) who does a lot of his thinking outside of Google’s box, and with Todd’s help, we’ve got a duo who can make even Matt Cutts squirm.
  4. Todd Malicoat, Executive VP of Server-Crashing.
    Few people have Todd’s ability to attract the kind of volume that shuts down a server. His linkbaiting expertise is unsurpassed, if not unparalleled, and his combination of cutting-edge SEO techniques with tried-and-true methods makes Todd an invaluable asset. Plus, he’s one of the easiest guys to get along with that you’ll ever meet, which improves our team chemistry.
  5. Rebecca Kelley, Lead Creative Muse.
    Her ideas would be invaluable in the brainstorming process for any kind of linkbait we developed, and her sense of humor would be essential to livening up the drudgery of some of the tasks associated with our various projects. (I’m wondering how she’d feel about being the only girl on a team of boys, but as part of her compensation package we’d give Rebecca her own Costanza-style private bathroom, so hopefully she’d agree to sign on.)
  6. Bill Slawski, Director of R&D.
    To stay ahead of the competition, we’d have to know what’s coming down the pipeline at all of the search engines, and who better to lead that charge than Bill? He’s been following the latest search patents for years and has an uncanny ability to pull out and condense the most salient pieces from tomes of technical jargon.
  7. Lucas Ng, Senior Analytics Analyst.
    One of my newest friends in the SEO world, Lucas highlighted the importance of analytics to any SEO team in his recent interview at the Mozplex. Who better to manage it for our team than Lucas, who’s got loads of experience as the lead SEO for a massive Australian media company. Plus, I’d have someone to split the SkySports satellite bill with for live Premiership games.

Well, that’s MY dream team…Natasha, Matt, and Will, who’s on yours?