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Links of Local Interest, Volume 4

A much delayed fourth installment of my Links of Local Interest Series, which seems to have garnered mediocre popularity among readers. I discuss a new Local Search resource, Local SEO’s on Twitter, the Yellow Pages, frustrations with Google’s LBC, trust, social responsibility, my SMX West presentation, outreach to the business community, citations, and Searchfest. WOW! It’s action-packed!!


Links of Local Interest, Volume 3B

The second half of this month’s “Links of Local Interest” series follows below: Yet More on Small Business Reputation Management, A Bunch of Stuff by Matt McGee, Mike Blumenthal, Yellowpages Payola, and my latest Search Engine Land article.


Links of Local Interest, Volume 3A

Kind of like the “S” in your old Encyclopaedia Brittanica set, the third installment in my “Links of Local Interest” series is SO big that it requires two sub-volumes. (Look for part B tomorrow.) In this edition: SEMpdx Hot Seat Next Week!, Google Local Guidelines Announced, Questions and Answers from Google Local, Web Reference (aka Citation) Tips, How Many Small Businesses “Get It” When It Comes to Online Advertising?, More About Small Business Reputation Management, and
More Self-Promotional Drivel from the Yellow Pages.


Links of Local Interest, Volume 2

Continuing the COMPLETELY original series I started last month, here is a quick blitz of articles I’ve been reading with interest in the last couple of weeks: my SEMpdx presentation, interviews with Yahoo Local honchos, the launch of YipIt, attributes in Google Maps, how to get into Acxiom, and my first SEL column!


Links of Local Interest (™) Inaugural Edition

Local Search aficionados will of course immediately recognize the eerie similarity between the title of this post and the title of a famous series by Local Search guru Mike Blumenthal. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery so, Mike, I hope you approve.

At any rate, I’ve read a couple of exceptional posts in the last few weeks (in addition to my small business reputation management roundup) that I haven’t had a chance to highlight just yet. And I also wanted to make a few announcements of my own.

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