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Top Ten Small Business Takeaways from SES San Jose 2007

After completing my individual recaps of the biggest search conference of the year, I thought it’d be instructive to pare them all down to a Cliffs-Notes version for small business owners and local search marketers. 10. Now is the time to create a video related to your business. With all of the buzz around Google […]


Recap of ‘B2B Search Marketing Tactics’ – SES San Jose 2007

Karen Breen Vogel of ClearGauge, Paul Slack of WebDex, and Patricia Hursh of SmartSearch Marketing presented on this panel, which sadly was focused more on PPC than SEO efforts in the B2B marketing space. There were some interesting tidbits for B2B marketers and website designers offered by the panel, though.  Unlike B2C websites, where the […]


Gauging the Value of SEO / Web Tradeshows

(As an aside for those not in the SEO / website realm, this week marks one of the three or four largest tradeshow events in our industry: Search Engine Strategies New York. For the record, I’d mark the other biggies as SES San Jose, PubCon, the new SMX Seattle in June, assorted “Events Apart,” and […]


Make the Time to Blog!

It’s something I’ve told my clients ever since I attended my first SES conference in San Jose last summer (August 2006): MAKE THE TIME TO BLOG! This week, I’ve finally fulfilled one of my New Year’s Resolutions and begun my blog now that March Madness + The Masters are over. Blogging is a great way […]

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