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Ramble: PR in the Internet Era

Marketers and advertisers have insisted for years (with good reason) that your brand isn’t how you want your customers to feel about you, it’s how your customers feel about you. Well, in the internet era, the rise of social media has blurred the lines between brand and public relations. And another one of the age-old adages in […]


Readers, Please Indulge Me for a Brief “PSA”

My news-reading habits may not be as extensive as, say, Sarah Palin’s, but most days, part of my morning routine is to read the New York Times online, and The Oregonian 2-3 days a week. I particularly love the Times’ Op-Ed section–my favorites are Tom Friedman and David Brooks, as I may have mentioned before […]


Web Entrepreneurs: Looking for Funding?

No, I am not all of a sudden flush with gobs and gobs of cash. But a good friend of mine, Neil Patel, recently launched a community of early-stage entrepreneurs in Seattle, called Founder’s Coop. Neil’s post promoting the launch answers more questions than I ever could, but if you have a great business idea but don’t know how to fund it in this economy, here is your chance!


Time for an Official Comment Policy on Mihmorandum

Just wanted to put this out there so everyone is aware of it. I feel the need to set down in writing my policy on comments:

* Comments will be published immediately as soon as you hit submit.
* I reserve the right to edit comments for any offensive material (hasn’t happened yet).
* I reserve the right to delete comments that say things like “First!” or other lame, one- or two-word comments that don’t contribute to the discussion.
* I reserve the right to edit the name (i.e. anchor text) under which you submit your post.


SEO Grades for Business Week’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs

Librarian Avenger by Librarian Avenger Last week, Business Week announced its Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs for 2008. The “youngsters” (they’re all younger than I by at least a year) featured by Business Week have started some pretty neat companies, from a Muslim fashion company to a flavored plastic manufacturer. Somewhat surprisingly, despite growing up in […]


The Value of the Yellow Pages for Small Businesses Today

I wish people would stop thinking that I somehow ‘have it in’ for the Yellow Pages. Certain Sphinn commenters and a few responses to previous posts I’ve written on this blog seem to imply that I am starting from a “gut reaction” when I criticize their value. This is just not the case. I’m going on hard data from my own clients, and analysis of their business models in comparison to their online competitors’. This article dispels some recent arguments from a YP Association rep, and offers my opinion on the true value of Yellow Pages for small businesses.


A Few Thoughts on Real Estate Web Marketing

In case you missed the announcement last week, ActiveRain, a popular blogging community for Realtors, is launching (or re-launching, I can’t quite figure it out) a subsidiary social news/networking site called Almost on cue from Matt McGee, ActiveRain’s goal is to make this the HyperLocal hub for a vast number of communities around the country. Should Realtors leverage this new opportunity or find other ways of making a name for themselves online?


Quality Service in Abundance Among Portland Photographers

I’ve said on this blog before that customer service is one of the most effective marketing strategies that a small business can use.

Well, here’s some more proof.


The “BCS” for Local Search Engine Optimization

Frequent readers know that for five months a year, I have college basketball on the brain. But while the hardwood is vacant, I happily fix my gaze upon the college gridiron for a few months. My assertion with this article is that the college football BCS serves as a great analogy for Local Search–only in this case BCS stands for “Best Citation Sources.” The post looks at why InfoUSA, SuperPages, Acxiom, Localeze, Yelp and InsiderPages are so important in Local Search.


Local vs Traditional SEO: Why Citation Is the New Link

In this lengthy post (sorry, it must some kind of delayed reaction to Twitter’s 140-character limitation) I’ll try to explain a hypothesis about optimization for the Google Local algorithm (along with the 10-pack, 3-pack and authoritative OneBox) that’s been brewing in my mind for the past couple of months. It has really crystallized this week in various discussions I’ve had with other Local SEOs, including Mike Blumenthal, EarlPearl, and David Klein, and after reading a blog post by Stephen Espinosa.

Other experts, especially Bill Slawski and Mike Blumenthal (in fact, I think Mike may have been the first person to turn me onto the word “citation” in some of my conversations with him?) have postulated the importance of “citations” for quite awhile, but for whatever reason, the concept never really hit home for me until recently.

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